How much notice do you need to place an order?

We ask that you place your order 48 hours in advance but don't hesitate to call if you are in a rush and we will try to accommodate as best as we can! You can stop by anytime to pick up a dozen cupcakes, but if you need more, we would appreciate a heads up or at least a 24 hour notice!

Do you deliver?

We currently only deliver to weddings and large events.

Where can I pick up my cupcake order?

All orders will be picked up at our Bickford Location:
2705 Bickford AVE
Snohomish, WA 98290

Can you customize cupcakes?

Yes! We can customize the frosting colors and add any colored sprinkle you can think of! We also create special cupcake toppers and wrappers to tie into your theme! Please give us at least 5-7 days to create the toppers as we custom make them specifically for you!

How should I store my cupcakes?

If you can't enjoy our cupcakes the same day as you pick them up, then we suggest you store them in an air tight container, or wrap the box with plastic wrap to lock in the freshness. Never put them in the refrigerator as they dry out. Store them in room temperature and away from the heat!

Do you make cakes?

We specialize in making cupcakes, but in addition, we make 6 inch cutting cakes for weddings. If you need a 6 inch cake for an event other than a wedding, please contact us and we will do our best to help you!